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Lil Wil on Cali Swag District and The Dougie: "Everything After [Me] Has Been Imitators"

After the jump, check out the latest interview with Lil Wil, the Dallas rapper who started the whole Dougie dance craze back in 2008, when he released his single, "My Dougie."

Conducted by nationally respected mixtape DJ and turntablist, DJ Smallz, this new interview seems intent on simply adding more gasoline to the fire that already existed on the subject of others taking credit for Lil Wil's work -- something we already knew Wil wasn't too pleased to see take place.

But, considering that, despite his protests, the Dougie went on to have its biggest year yet in 2010, maybe the point is worth reiterating. And, again, you can watch and hear Wil do just that after the jump.