Michael Pyeatt on the Secret Jazz Gems of Dallas and Deep Ellum's Glorious '90s

Michael Pyeatt has been watching music go down in Dallas for a long spell. If you rewind far enough into Club DaDa's history, it was Michael running the door (often wearing an IHOP dress, according to his own recollection). As you'll read, Pyeatt is also apparently sitting on some golden video footage of DaDa and Deep Ellum from the early '90s that we just have to get him to convert and share.

More recently, he's been freelancing doing audio and lighting production (he is currently for hire!), and helping to manage a reggae act from the area. Nowadays, in addition to occasional work at the Kessler Theatre, he's got a front-row seat to experience Dallas' underrated (and still somewhat underground) local jazz scene, bartending at a cool little joint next to Lakewood Theatre called The Balcony Club.