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Seeking Summer Interns: Applicants Must Be Able To Kick Ass, Take Names, Report.

Do you "dig music?" Do you believe that "one great rock show can change the world?" Do you like web sites?

Fine coincidence this is, then, because we're currently accepting applications for summer internships! And maybe we'll even hire you!

Hey, we said maybe.

Some requirements: You need to be enrolled in college; you need to be able to convince your professors to let you get college credit for this experience; you need to be willing to work for said experience and credit instead of cash; and you need to be here at least 20 hours a week.

In exchange, we'll send you to all the coolest shows, help you set up interviews with all the coolest musicians, teach you how to blog and, OK, maybe how to Dougie, too. And, if you're really good, maybe someone will make a YouTube video about you!

Again, maybe.

If this all sounds good to you, and if you think you're a pretty decent writer, and if you think you don't have terrible taste in music, and if you think you kind of know what you're talking about when it comes to music, and if you can recognize that this is a run-on sentence, then you should definitely apply. Do so by emailing me here with a quick note on why you're interested, and with a resume and some writing clips attached. And remember to spell-check that sucker, too. Intern application 101, duh.