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Tonight at Texas Theatre: Show Your Shorts Salutes Local Short Films, Including an Unconscious Collective Doc

Tonight at Texas Theatre, Oak Cliff Film Fest is presenting another "Show Your Shorts" night, featuring work from local filmmakers. The films must be shorter than 20 minutes, and they're taking numbers over on the Facebook event page. TT's Barak Epstein says they still have a couple slots open.

One notable short is "Raw Material," on Dallas' Unconscious Collective, the trio of guitarist Gregg Prickett, bassist Aaron Gonzalez and drummer Stefan Gonzalez, who released their self-titled album last month.

"It's more so just about the band, not so much about the album," says Sean Mehl, owner of Dallas' Tofu Carnage Records, which put out the album. "Some of it is personal stories and accounts, while most of it goes into the meaning of the band and the artists themselves." The film will be released with the double LP, and contains bonus live performance footage, but Mehl says "those extras won't be a part of the screening tonight."

Head to the Facebook page and state your case. The list of prizes for the winning films is pretty cool:

1. A 1-year Texas Theatre membership! (new or renewal)

2. Two free Texas Theatre movie ticket coupons!

3. A shiny .25 cent piece that must be used at the theatre to play Ms. Pac Man or Robocop

Bonus: Tonight's Tuesday Night Trash feature is Deadly Prey, and includes this quality endorsement:

"Not much I can say about this no-budget wonder that hasn't been said already. We did invent a drinking game which involved chugging anytime a character said "Let's move out," but that resulted in vomiting about half an hour in, at least some of which was alcohol-induced. Where else are you going to see a man get beaten unconscious with his severed arm and then scalped?"