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In Case You Were Wondering, Wilco Did Not Play The Cavern Last Weekend

"Gotcha, suckers!"

So we came across this blog called Hypeful yesterday that we'd never heard of before. And we're all excited about it because there's a long, intricate, detailed post on there about how Wilco apparently played a secret show at The Cavern last Saturday night. And Wilonsky starts flipping his shit about it because he's all like, "How did we not know this?!?!?!" and I'm all like, "Dude, read the last line of the blog," because that's where whoever wrote the post writes, 847 words later, "I only wish it had actually happened."

So we take a collective deep breath and we're like, "OK, cool. Didn't happen. No worries."

But we still called Lance Yocum of Spune Productions, which books music The Cavern, just to double-check and make sure.


"No," Yocum said just a few minutes ago now when he got back to us on whether the show took place. "Definitely not. This is the first I've heard about it."

And then he tells me that, now, when you google "Wilco Black Shampoo" (the last two words, of course, being the name Wilco apparently played under on Saturday; also, it's the name Wilco was billed under when it made its live debut in St. Louis in 1994), the first link, which I'd instructed him to click on, leads you to a page that no longer exists.


So it seems the page has been taken down and the hoax has been admitted. But! But! Thanks to the powers of Google Cache, you can still read it if you want. But, realize, none of it is true. Not a single word.

"It's sort of ironic," Yocum said. "Retribution Gospel Choir was touring with them and we had them a few weeks ago."

But no Wilco. Not once. Never?

"No," Yocum repeated. "Their road crew wouldn't even be able to fit in our club." --Pete Freedman