This Week In Dallas Music History: Porn and Pimpadelic Collide on the Southern Devils' First Video Shoot

In the wake of Brandon Kord Murphy's untimely death last week, it was interesting to stumble upon this story about Pimpadelic's first video shoot this week in 2000.

Staying true to the band's bad-boy motif, Pimpadelic hired director Matt Zane, who was known for his work in the porn industry, to shoot the clip. And, as one might assume, the video shoot followed suit with scantily-clad "models" roaming around the video set at Trees.

The band had finally reached its prime, it seemed. But, as former Observer writer T. Erich Scholz points out, they barely knew how to handle it. Co-lead singer Easy Jesus walked around the video set with a bag of mystery white powder and a cup of booze, both of which fueled his model-groping tirade.

Murphy, aka Dirty K, much to the dismay of the band's Tommy Boy Records A&R man Max Nichols, played it a bit cooler as he arrived at the set, hours after the shoot began.

But the shoot seemed to go off without a hitch -- that is, if you don't count Easy's abusive displays of sexism as any sort of hitch. Hit the jump to read a somewhat appalling account of the day.

If that margin is too tight, check out the entire story in the Observer archives.