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Crystal Castles' Publicist Offers Up Official Statement Re: Granada Debacle

Last we heard from Brendan Telzrow, publicist for the show-canceling Crystal Castles, it didn't sound like we were gonna hear any word from the band whatsoever in regards to why it backed out of its Tuesday night performance at the Granada Theater at the last minute.

Well, that changed yesterday evening, as Telzrow released a statement from the band that briefly explains its perspective on this whole, surprisingly intense deal:

"The Dallas show was cancelled as the venue was unable to deliver the level of audio production required for a CC show. Ethan and Alice did handle the situation professionally and Ethan spoke to the majority of kids outside to apologize in person. Vega were removed from the bill as they stole an effects pedal from Crystal Castles at the previous show."
Telzrow also kinda takes back his comment on the statement from the band that had popped up on Gorilla vs Bear on Wednesday morning; he still says it wasn't an official word, but now says that "the core of what was stated was true."

None of this necessarily comes off as a surprise, as early on, it became clear that this was going to turn into a he-said-she-said deal, but obviously, the Granada Theater's take and VEGA's take vastly differ from Crystal Castles'.

I'll be breaking down all these perspectives, plus offering up some more scenes from the crazy night (both at the Granada and, later, at the Fallout Lounge) in next week's print edition, so keep an eye out for that.