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More Dual Hawks Love (Kinda). And This Time, From Overseas!

Ah, the joys of year-end lists: Reading up on your own personal favorite records of the year, seeing where they rank on others' lists, finding out what others' thoughts on those discs are...

Well, OK, sometimes it's not that easy.

Today, a blog called Secretly Belgian checks in to name Centro-matic/South San Gabriel's Dual Hawks as its 25th favorite record of the year, saying this in the process:

"Een plaatje dat niet veel aandacht heeft gekregen. Het Centro-Matic gedeelte stelt teleur maar het South San Gabriel deel is de moeite waard."
Wait a second--there's nothing "secretly" Belgian about that at all! That is Belgian! (Or, more appropriately, Dutch.) So, what's it mean? Well, thanks to the power of Internet translators, we can find out...

"A blade that has not got much attention. Disappoint Centro-Matic the part but the South San Gabriel part is worth it."
OK, an honest opinion. But a hilarious grammatical disaster, too, especially when you imagine it spoken in a think foreign accent. --Pete Freedman