Other Lives, The Relatives and The Best of This Weekend's Shows

Lots of big shows are happening this weekend -- several on the Good Records stage -- including Stillwater, Oklahoma's, Other Lives. The band, who will be joined by Dallas violinist Daniel Hart, is making a quick stop at Good Records just before they open for Radiohead on Monday. The biggest show, though, made the cover of this week's Observer. Gospel group The Relatives are playing the opening of some bridge or something on Saturday.

We've already mentioned shows from Saul Williams, Drake and Summer of Glaciers in print.

Akkolyte, Steel Bearing Hand, Completely Fucked, Wiccans
Friday, March 2, at Queen City Hall
Two of the best musicians in town, Aaron and Stefan Gonzalez, make up thrash duo Akkolyte, who are topping the bill at relatively new venue Queen City Hall.

Baruch the Scribe, Coves, Gold Beach, Botany
Friday, March 2, at Dan's Silverleaf
Denton band Baruch the Scribe blends folk and shoegaze. The band will be releasing their new record, Intentions, tonight at Dan's.

The Derailers, Michael Donner
Saturday, March 3, at LaGrange
Austin country music act The Derailers will be making a short trip North to play at LaGrange on Saturday. They haven't released a record since 2008, which explains the short, regional weekend touring. They're hitting Dallas on the way back from Tulsa.

KNON's Blues Benefit
Saturday, March 3, at Poor David's Pub
Big Bill Morganfield, son of blues legend Muddy Waters, headlines this benefit for the local radio station.

Dustin Cavazos, Nathan Jackson, Dohark
Saturday, March 3, at Trees
Apparently they liked rapper Dustin Cavazos so much at Trees last weekend opening for Big K.R.I.T., they asked him back to headline tomorrow night. Like I wrote last week, his delivery is sobering, and his style is unlike anyone else in Dallas hip-hop right now.

Gungor, The Brilliance
Saturday, March 3, at The Door Dallas
As far as straightforward church music goes, it's hard to find anything better than Gungor. The band's new album, Ghosts Upon The Earth, is slickly produced like others in the genre, but if it's any consolation, Midlake drummer McKenzie Smith drummed on the latest record.

Bugs Henderson Benefit Concert
Sunday, March 4, at Palladium Ballroom
Last year, Bugs Henderson was diagnosed with cancer, but people have been coming out of the woodwork to help him out with his medical bills. That's what this benefit concert on Sunday at Palladium Ballroom is all about. Acts to perform on the show: Ray Wylie Hubbard, Andy Timmons, Mike Rhyner and many more.

OK. That's all for this week. Have a great weekend, and we'll see you back here next Monday.