Bonus MP3: Dave Little (feat. Carter Albrecht) -- "Solid"

Tonight's long-standing Tuesday show at Ozona will be a bittersweet one for the Section 8 Comedy Troupe, as it will be Dave Little's last with the group after nearly eight years.

The Noted Regional Comic says he still loves the guys in the group, but that he is ready to move on.

Writes Little in an e-mail, "The group has changed over the years and it's no longer a priority, just something we do on Tuesday. Josh [Martin] has been in and out the last 9 months but mostly out. Chris [Rager] has been out since his accident [in November] and his future involvement is up in the air. We've been holding it together for a long time but i'm just ready to move on. I love everyone in the group but i am done."

But if there's a bright side to the departure, maybe it's that it will give Little time to finally release his third album, Back By Popular Dismay.

After the jump is a track from the album, "Solid," which features the late Carter Albrecht.

Bonus mp3:

Dave Little -- "Solid"

Dave Little -- "Solid"

Little typically plays a song or two during Section 8 shows, but if you want to hear more of his half-serious, half-funny songs, catch him Saturday at Opening Bell, where he will perform with Don Cento.