Bonus MP3: D. Anson Brody -- "Start Again"

D. Anson Brody beats the living shit out of his guitar. It's not out of anger, nor is it simply histrionics. It's just his style, and it's genuine.

Sure, lots of guys play "slap", but Brody goes much further, and lets percussion come out of his insides with the same abandon that his music does. He damn near plays drums and acoustic guitar at the same time. Far from the typical shortcomings of your garden-variety "technical" players, Brody hasn't neglected the importance of depth in his music. As a singer, he reaches pretty far down inside, and does it with the uncanny ability to play complex guitar parts at the same time.

Fresh off of his first real venture on the road, where it was basically just him and his guitar gigging along, he seems to have developed even more as a passionate songwriter than a skilled instrumentalist. Regardless, the combination is damned exciting. And pretty primal, too--check the carnivorous look he takes on in his eyes when its time to play as he does in the above clip.

After the jump, stream and download and even more impressive studio recording of the same song as posted above, a track called "Start Again." Dry and sparsely produced, "Start Again" is convicting and passionate. It's amazing instrumentation with out being a chops-fest. It's uplifting without being hokey, inspiring without being cheesy, and dynamic without being overdramatic. Check it out already.

Bonus mp3:

D. Anson Brody -- "Start Again"

D. Anson Brody -- "Start Again"

And this song really just scratches the surface of his genre range. Look for Brody's first EP, Elephants and Atrophy, to be released at the end of April.