Good Friday: Riverboat Gamblers, Quintron, True Widow, Free Reign, Two Tons of Steel, Weener, Deep Ellum Arts Festival, Hoyotoho, Obscenely Unseen IV, Taproot

Sorry this is coming a little late, folks. Been busy around here all day. In fact, I just left our first planning meeting for the 2009 Dallas Observer Music Awards.

What can I reveal? Well, we turn 21 this year, so there's that. Also, the showcase will fall on July 18 and the awards ceremony will be happening on July 21, so mark your calendars.

But that's a ways off. So on to this weekend. First the show's we've already plugged...

Tonight, your best bet's to head to the Nokia Theatre in Grand Prairie to catch the legendary Leonard Cohen--if you can afford it.

Tomorrow night, there's Robyn Hitchcock and The Venus 3 at the Granada, PVC Street Gang out at the Chat Room Pub in Fort Worth, the poster-winning Cocky Americans show at the Double Wide, and Three Cities Burning's Bill's Records in-store during the day.

But there's much, much more--including some really great ones around town on an especially busy Friday night. Jump with us, won't you?

Riverboat Gamblers, Record Hop, Hello Lover
Friday, April 3, at Club Dada

The Riverboat Gamblers didn't make that Spin magazine "Best Live Bands To See Right Now" list a few years back for nothing. And Record Hop ain't exactly one to put on a weak performance either. The only question here is whether Hello Lover, whose members I ran into last night at The Double Wide, can keep pace. Dunno, but the band was about as peached as can be about finding itself on this bill, so that's a good start, I think.

Mr. Quintron and Miss Pussycat, Psychedelic Horseshit
Friday, April 3, at the Prophet Bar

Renowned one-man synth band Mr. Quintron and his puppeteering wife stop through town along with We Shot Jr favorites and lo-fi, retro house party heroes, Psychedelic Horsehit. What it makes for is a fairly high-brow show (in the fact that it's pretty low-brow, if that makes sense), even if the venue seems especially out of the blue. But the audiences for these acts aren't normally the ones to take a chance on the Prophet Bar, so who knows how this one will pan out...

The Angelus, True Widow, My Education
Friday, April 3, at the Double Wide

Austin's My Education lucks out here, getting paired with two of the 'plex's finest rock acts. I really don't know how many times I need to say it, folks: True Widow's the real deal--one of the best acts in town--and plays one hell of loud show. Bring earplugs.

Shoreline's End, Free Reign, The Campaign, The Vettes
Friday, April 3, at the Granada Theater

Only recommended if you're daring enough to want to check out Free Reign, the hard rock band comprised alost entirely of Dallas Cowboy offensive linemen.

Two Tons of Steel, Django Walker
Saturday, April 4, at the Longhorn Saloon in Fort Worth

San Antonio's Two Tons of Steel plays exactly the type of music you'd expect to hear in a place called the Longhorn Saloon, so kudos there.

Weener, The Service Industry, Les Americains
Saturday, April 4, at Club Dada

Everyone's favorite Weezer cover band comprised of locals returns for a gig at Dada as part of Scott Beggs' new Sierra Bravo Productions, which is booking a whole bunch of shows around town, including Friday's Riverboat Gamblers show and the upcoming Propagandhi show at The Door on May 20.

Deep Ellum Arts Festival
All weekend long, starting right now, on Main Street in Deep Ellum

A whole bunch of bands and artists and vendors will be out and about all day long and into the early night this weekend in ol' Ellum. Check Spector 45 on the main stage on Saturday night at at 9. But also be there two hours earlier for a chance to see the Dallas trip-hoppers in Shock of Pleasure.

Odis, The Steps, Hoyotoho
Saturday, April 5 4, at House of Blues

I'm on record as being lukewarm on the headliners, but this isn't a bad show, folks. Austin's The Steps  are pretty decent, but the real eyebrow-raiser: Hoyotoho, which hasn't played out much, but kinda has a more commercial MGMT/Ratatat thing going so far...

Obscenely Unseen IV
Saturday, April 4, at Cafe Rembrandt

Visual artists and rock 'n' rollers--like RTB2 and Blackheart Society--come together at this spot for an appreication of all things artistic.


Sunday, April 5, at Skillman Street Pub

No, seriously, they're still around. And they're playing on the same place on Monday night, too. Weird.

...and, as always, be safe out there. And, if you've got other good shows to recommend, put 'em in the comments. Till next time, later skater.