The 10 Best Music Videos Featuring Puppets

Jim Henson modernized the age-old art of puppetry by using foam rubber to coat the puppets' limbs. Previously, most TV puppets were made of carved wood. But Henson believed that foam rubber and cloth brought more life to the puppets' movements. 

Turns out he was right: Henson's puppet characters took over children's TV, making an indelible impact on millions of kids worldwide.

Puppets as a whole, however, are a difficult concept to pull off. In the hands of a lesser puppeteer, the lovable characters can look old-fashioned or, worse, creepy. Which is why they work so well for music videos.

In honor of Henson, we've collected our 10 favorite music videos featuring puppets, which showcase the myriad of effects that one can attain when utilizing this curious, quaint, yet still often-utilized medium.

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