Watch (And Download): Sore Losers -- "The Deadly Intro"

We've expressed our approval of the vocal stylings of Sore Losers before--kinda gushed, actually--and, yeah, we've mentioned Brown and Blue's new mixtape before too.

But it all bears repeating--especially after we stumbled across the above video for "The Deadly Intro," the introduction and first song on the Dallas duo's Free Loaders: The Soundtrack mixtape, late last night. Give it a once-over--it's an icy cool clip that meshes with the track impressively.

And, since we're on the topic of it, the whole mixtape's an impressive offering. Lucky you, then, that the frequent Fizzy Dino Pop collaborators are offering up the whole thing as a free download on its Bandcamp site. Go grab it STAT. And, in case you need further validation, check the title track and the song "Super Villain Music," which features singer CaLaura on the hook, after the jump.

<a href="">Super Villian Music (ft. CaLaura) by Sore Losers</a>