Good Friday: Actual Good Friday Edition

Given recent goings-on (which, I hope, also helps to explain the tardiness of this posting) the top pick of place for you to be this weekend is pretty obvious: Stop on by Good Records on Saturday at 3:33 p.m., when Erykah Badu stops by the Lower Greenville record store to sign 333 copies of her New Amerykah Pt. 2: Return of the Ankh album.

Beyond that, we've already pointed you in the direction of a few other events taking place this weekend. A brief reminder:

Tonight's somewhat busy: Alicia Keys and Melanie Fiona play the Nokia Theatre out in Grand Prairie and Copeland headlines things at The Door down in Deep Ellum, joined by a couple familiar names fronting not-so-familiar projects.

Saturday, meanwhile, sees Hockey taking to The Loft.

Doesn't look like the rest of the weekend's too packed. But there's still plenty to catch--including the Deep Ellum Arts Fest, which will see 90 acts play over its three-day closing of Main Street. Hit the jump for more options...

Sir Silky, PVC Street Gang
Friday, April 2, at the Double Wide

Tonight marks the debut of Cheyenne Schweitzer's Sir Silky project, a somewhat NSFW, Prince-inspired, funky pop-rock affair--and he'll be back by a live band. Should be groovy.

King of the Rabbit Trail, 500 Miles to Memphis, Chris Miller
Friday, April 2, at City Tavern

Don't know much about, well, any of these bands. Except for this: Cincinnati's 500 Miles to Memphis called in Dallas' own John Pedgio (of The O's, Boys Named Sue, Slick 57) for a little help on its country-rock album.

Peelander-Z, STEW!
Saturday, April 3, at Rubber Gloves Rehearsal Studios
The Japanese punk act Peelander-Z is no stranger to DFW, having played various gigs at the Double Wide and elsewhere in recent memory. This time, though, the J-punks head north.

The Orbans, Airline, Charlie Gnome & The Grifters
Saturday, April 3, at the Double Wide

Not much fanfare surrounding this, the CD release show for the Orbans' formal debtu as, y'know the Orbans (and not, say, The Lifters). But the band's poppin', rockin' country tunes aren't to be overlooked. Plus, hey, Airline. Haven't seen those dudes in years.

Darktown Strutters, Binary Sunrise, Luna Matto
Saturday, April 3, at City Tavern

Another solid lineup at the Tavern, featuring some outsider musicians with interesting enough sounds to make it onto the inside, ya dig?

...and that pretty much does it. Got more? Add 'em in the comments. Till Monday, then. Have fun and be safe out there.