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We Ask, Alan Palomo Answers: Is The New Neon Indian Song "Fallout" About Fallout Lounge?

There's been a little bit of a debate in-house here at DC9 HQ ever since we first heard the song "Fallout" off Neon Indian's upcoming, full-length Era Extraña release, due out in, oh, about three weeks: Could it be that the song is -- just maybe -- a reference to the Expo Park hang Fallout Lounge?

Even if, lyrically, the connection doesn't make all that much sense -- frontman Alan Palomo sings, repeatedly, "Fall out of love with you" on the track, not "Fallout Lounge with you" or anything like that -- we've got to admit that we've kinda been rooting for the connection.

It wouldn't be totally outlandish if true. Before they up and moved to Brooklyn, Fallout was a regular hang for Neon Indian member Jason Faries and Leanne Macomber. And remember the shitshow that occurred when Crystal Castles canceled their Granada gig at the very last minute? Palomo's band at the time, VEGA, was slated to open that show, but, once the show got canceled, the band ended up playing a free, impromptu, now-somewhat-legendary performance at Fallout Lounge to try and make up for the missed performance.

So, surely, Palomo and Co. have some fond memories of the place, right? Gotta imagine. Which is why, earlier this week, we finally broke down and asked Palomo the burning question: Dude, is "Fallout" a reference to Fallout Lounge or what?

Check out his response after the jump.

"No," Palomo says. "It isn't."

Balls! Still a catchy song, though. Stream it below. Go buy it, too, if you like: Yesterday, Neon Indian released a 7-inch feature that song and another new one called "Polish Girl." Yes, they're carrying it at Good Records. Right now.

Oh, and Neon Indian makes another homecoming next month when the band plays the Granada on September 24. Get your tickets here.

Stream: Neon Indian -- "Fallout"