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Matt Kadane Hits Shuffle For AV Club

If you were wondering what is on Matt Kadane's iPod, you're in luck, as he's the current Random Ruler for The AV Club. In case you're unfamiliar with The AV Club, The Onion's entertainment section, Random Rules is a feature wherein a musician puts his or her iPod on Shuffle and comments upon whatever plays. Kadane, of course, formerly headed Bedhead with his brother Bubba, and currently fronts The New Year.

Among the songs that pop up are The Velvet Underground's "White Light/White Heat," Yves Montand's "Flamenco De Paris" and Wire's "Options R." Also, if you're wondering what to get him for his next birthday, a new iPod might not be a bad idea. Says Matt of his first generation version in the interview, "It's gigantic, it's bigger than computers are now. It probably weighs a pound, takes up a lot of room. And it gets really, really hot. I don't think it's safe."--Jesse Hughey