Good Friday (On a Thursday): Drive-By Truckers, Ben Kweller, Sean Kirkpatrick, More...

Before we delve into this weekend's show options, a bit of a programming note: I'll be out of the office tomorrow, and Jesse Hughey will be en route/just starting to set up shop in Austin at this year's ACL Fest where he, along with a couple of our photographers and our counterparts at our sister paper, the Houston Press, will be blogging all weekend long, offering, no doubt, insightful commentary, hilarious anecdotes and phenomenal slideshows of the festival.

So, don't fret, there will be blogging in this space tomorrow--and Saturday and Sunday, too, actually--but we wanted to make sure your weekend calendar to-do list didn't get lost in the shuffle of things.

Well, that and, because of the influx in talent coming through town thanks to ACL routing, this big weekend full of shows pretty much starts tonight anyway...

So, onto the weekend. As always, the shows we've already dropped knowledge on (not counting the oh-so-obvious weekend-long ACL in Austin):

Tonight, there's Del Tha Funky Homosapien's show at the Granada, Hot Chip at the Palladium and Spiritualized and Grand Ole Party at the Lakewood.

On Friday night, there's the Neva Dinova and Colour Revolt show at Hailey's, Fleet Foxes at Lola's, The Black Keys at the Granada and Stay Cool Swag School at Rubber Gloves. Also, over in the Night & Day section, we told you about the Temptations and Four Tops show at Nokia.

On Saturday, there's the Dead Confederate and Wax Fang show at The Cavern and the Neko Case and Giant Sand show at the Granada.

And, last but not least, there's The Fratellis, The Airborne Toxic Event and Electric Touch at House of Blues.

But those are only the shows we've had the chance to tell you about already. There are, of course, and, as always, plenty more options.

Drive-By Truckers and Shooter Jennings Thursday, Sept. 25, at House of Blues Back in March, when Shooter Jennings played the Granada alongside The Drams, I wrote that it was going to be a big drinking night. In keeping with that same theory, I predict this show, which features a rock band with country twangs and a country act with rock posturing, to be something of a drunken shit show. Which is awesome, if you're into that sort of thing.

Ben Kweller Thursday, Sept. 25, at House of Blues' Pontiac Garage I really can't say I know Kweller's solo catalog that well, but I do know that the Greenville native is a long-time favorite around these parts, in large part because of his work in Radish as a young man. That's fine and good and all, but honestly? The coolest thing about him is probably this photo Jason Janik took of him. At least in my book. That's some badass stuff right there.

Sean Kirkpatrick, Daniel Folmer, Will E. Lee Thursday, Sept. 25, at J&J's Pizza in Denton Not sure if this is a Sean Kirkpatrick or a Nervous Curtains show...but either way, Kirkpatrick's something of a whiz on the ivory, so at the very least it'll be entertaining. Daniel Folmer's A Leaf, meanwhile, tickled me in all the right ways back when it was released in June. Honestly, I haven't listened to it much since. but, then again, I feel like I haven't seen Folmer on too many bills of late either. So it's good to have him back. And I don't know much about Will E. Lee, except that his sound is so distinctly Denton it's ridiculous. And it seems to lie somewhere between New Science Projects (with a distortion pedal) and Folmer on the indie folk spectrum--which is either brilliant or godawful. Can't tell yet.

Culture Prophet, Top Secret Robot Alliance, Keith P, Prince William Friday, Sept. 26, at The Lounge This lineup, which combines the power of two local DJs with the electro dance and dance punk sounds of two touring acts is pretty much exactly the kind of show that makes sense at The Lounge, given the kinds of shows it's booked in its short existence so far.

Psycho Pony Friday, Sept. 26, at AllGood Cafe Psycho Pony is a tribute band for Crazy Horse, surprise, surprise. But this appearance is especially interesting since there's essentially another Neil Young tribute deal going on just down Main Street at the Undermain Theatre's production of Neil Young's Greendale through Oct. 4.

The King Bucks and Goodman County Friday, Sept. 26, at the Double Wide An interesting pairing, at the very least. The King Bucks are great and all, but, truly, they're at their best in the more traditional, crooning country realm. This bill finds the Bucks opening for Jackson, Mississippi's Goodman County, which is much more punk-influenced indie rock than the Bucks would ever dare pretend to be.

Schwayze and Tyga Friday, Sept. 26, at Ghostbar and Moody Coliseum Schwayze has a show on MTV. Tyga had his songs promoted during that show's credits, I believe. Which means, if you're 15-20 and you have no taste in music, YOU ARE SO GOING TO MOODY COLISEUM.

Faux Fox, Sydney Confirm, Tigerfight DJ Saturday, Sept. 27, at Fallout Lounge A dance-filled lineup at a venue that, really, when it comes to acts like this, is probably the best in town. The lack of space between artist and audience makes for an extremely intimate show--and an unabashedly good time.

Against Me! Saturday, Sept. 27, at the Ridglea Theater in Fort Worth Not gonna lie--I'm a pretty big Against Me! fan. As pop-sensible punk rock goes, the band's 2007 disc, New Wave, is head-and-shoulders above the outputs of most every similarly inclined act of the past, oh, four or five years So much so that, had I thought that the Ridglea still actually booked potentially cool shows by acts not named The Toadies, this probably would've been in the paper. Oh well. My bad. Go see this show if you can make the drive.

Bret Michaels Saturday, Sept. 27, at Billy Bob's in Fort Worth Just like every Cowboy bar books a sad, sad act, every weekend has its thorn.

Laptop Deathmatch Three-Year Anniversary Party Saturday, Sept. 27, at Club Dada Wanz Dover's DJ competition party turns three on Saturday night--the same week that the local DJ/post-post-punk rocker turns 35. Should be a festive night, if at a slightly awkward venue for such an event.

Giant Sand Sunday, Sept. 28, at Good Records Giant Sand apparently isn't following Neko Case to ACL this weekend. And Austin's loss is Dallas' gain as Case's tourmates stick around town for an extra day to play a free in-store at Good Records.

The Gaslight Anthem Sunday, Sept. 28, at Prophet Bar Haven't heard too much about The Gaslight Anthem before, and maybe I'm just living under a rock, since the group has plenty of positive press to its name, thanks to write-ups its received in Rolling Stone, NME and The New York Times. And their songs are certainly catchy enough. Who knows, maybe this is the sneaky show of the weekend that really surprises. Could be...

Shibboleth and Bobby Patterson Sunday, Sept. 28, at Bolsa in Oak Cliff Whenever you have the chance to see this collaborative blues/soul project get on stage and perform together, you really should jump on it. Unless tickets to the show are $100 like this one. This show is specifically for the thick-wallet set and the charitable, as all proceeds go toward the Texas Theatre restoration.

Forever The Sickest Kids Sunday, Sept. 28, at UT Dallas's Student Union Mall Because the kids need something to do on a Sunday.

Demi Lovato Sunday, Sept. 28, at Chevrolet Main Stage (State Fair) OK, maybe two things to do.

...and that's your weekend. --Pete Freedman