Nine of This Week's Most Notable Show Announcements: Swans, Crushed Stars and More

Swans, Xiu Xiu
Sunday, September 16, at Trees, $20
In 1997, post-punk act Swans went on hiatus and didn't return until 2010, when they released My Father Will Guide Me Up a Rope to the Sky. A successful tour followed. Seems the band has settled back in nicely, as they're set to release The Seer in August, their 12th studio album. The subsequent tour will land them at Trees on Sunday, September 16.

Gigamesh, Punks Jump Up
Thursday, July 5, at Rio Room

Remix artist and producer Gigamesh has made a name remixing acts like Foster the People, Grouplove and many more. European remixers Punks Jump Up will kick off the night.

Crushed Stars
Thursday, July 26, at LaGrange
You might remember our review of Crushed Stars' seventh album In the Bright Rain from earlier this year. This looks to be the first show since the album's release, and likely the only one for a while. If you like the slowed-down shoegaze style Todd Gauteau puts forth, you might want to put this show on the books.

Smile Smile (album release), Jaret & Erik (Bowling For Soup)
Saturday, August 11, at Granada Theater, $16
It looks like the Salim Nourallah-produced record from local pop duo Smile Smile will finally see its release. This should be a big show, especially considering two guys from Bowling For Soup are opening.

The Cab, Parachute
Saturday, August 18, at House of Blues, $14
The Cab perpetrates the sort of slick pop you'd expect from Maroon 5. That hasn't always been the case, though. They come from an equally unenjoyable emo background, touring with the likes of Forever The Sickest Kids and Simple Plan.

Kottonmouth Kings, Big B, Prozak
Sunday, August 26, at Granada Theater, $24
I guess the Granada Theater's perfect booking streak had to end somewhere. It also marks the first time juggalos won't look out of place at the theater.

Stockyards Music Festival w/ Hank Williams Jr., Pat Green and more
Sunday, September 2, at Billy Bob's Texas, $35-$250
Now that Willie's event has come and gone, Billy Bob's welcomes another big name country music festival to the Stockyards. In its inaugural year, the festival will bring in Hank Williams Jr., Pat Green, Merle Haggard and many more.

October 13, at Trees, $13
It's good to see the Trees stage welcoming not only hard rock and metal acts. Tennis performing through Trees' spectacular sound system will shed new light on the band's lo-fi sound.

Sunday, October 21, at Bryan Street Tavern, $10/$12
Merge Records just released Hospitality's self-titled debut album earlier this year. So far, it's garnered lots of Belle and Sebastian comparisons. Parade of Flesh is bringing this rather seasoned pop act to Bryan Street Tavern on October 21. It's a show guitar-pop fans won't want to miss.