Gig Alert: Dustin Cavazos With Donovan Jones Live At Mokah Tonight

As Pete let you know back in September, Dallas indie skate-hop MC Dustin Cavazos made his very promising The Shelly EP a free download. So maybe you can return the favor by checking him out live at Mokah Coffee Bar in Deep Ellum tonight, whaddya say?

The Scuba Team Go member's solo efforts are definitely mellower than the and hardcore/screamo-influenced hip-hop of his group, so it's a bit easier to imagine his set in a coffee-shop setting. And, according to his blog, he'll be joined by Donovan Jones (of the brooding, ambient instrumental San Marcos group This Will Destroy You) on accordion and keyboards. If his contributions are anything like what he does with This Will Destroy You, it should make Cavazos' backing music even more textured and ponderous than it already is. It's not often you hear hip-hop and think, "This would go well with a mocha latte," but it's easy to imagine that being the case tonight.

The all-ages show starts at 8 p.m. and is $5. Also performing are JackRabbit James and GOAT.  According to Mokah's MySpace page, Cavazos' set is the middle of the bill, sandwiched between young folkies Elle Laporte and Joey Honescko