Poster Of The Week: 100 Damned Guns, Blackland River Devils And Whiskey Folk Ramblers

This week's winner promotes 100 Damned Guns, Blackland River Devils and Whiskey Folk Ramblers Saturday at The Double-Wide. Clearly, the guys in 100 Damned Guns are in no need of an ego massage if they boast the "Heart of Hank Williams," "Brain of Waylon Jennings" and "Muscles of Jimmie Dale Gilmore." Then again, they also admit to the "Chicken Fried Steak Belly of Billy Joe Shaver." Using this bizarre anatomical diagram of Godzilla is funny enough on its own, but look closer and read the labels for extra laughs. --Jesse Hughey

Update: According to a message from the band, Dave Sherrill, 100 Damned Guns mandolin player and presumably the commenter whose maw has every reason to be proud, is the designer.