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Gutterth Announces Plans To Release Third Free Compilation Double-Disc in Conjunction With 35 Conferette Showcase on March 10

There are a few reasons why the folks behind Gutterth Productions are perennial nominees in the Best Music Advocate(s) category of our annual Dallas Observer Music Awards -- the shows they put on, the records they put out, their general fandom of all things local music.

But, surely, this too comes in to play -- the fact that the local booking agency/promotions company/record label, every few years, releases a massive compilation of free music. They first did so back in July of 2008, with Gutterth Compilation One, which introduced area listeners to the likes of Florene and Sunnybrook. Then, in December of 2009, they released Gutterth Compilation Two, which did the same for the likes of Dust Congress and True Widow. (Both are still available as free downloads if you follow those links.)

And, now, Gutterth is prepping to drop its third installment in the series. On March 10, the day that the company hosts its 35 Conferette showcase featuring Nervous Curtains, new Science Projects, The Angelus, Summer of Glaciers and The Heartstring Stranglers, the company will release Gutterth Compilation Three, initially in hard copies that can be picked up at the showcase and then, later, like the others, made available as a free download. After the jump, take a gander at the 38 free songs the folks at Gutterth have compiled for your pleasure this time around

1. Ryan Thomas Becker - Finger Trace
2. Drink To Victory - Health
3. Nervous Curtains - Indebted To The Cause
4. History At Our Disposal - Mini Disc
5. New Science Projects - Walters Family Reunion 2003
6. Dear Human - Waiting
7. Sunnybrook - Go With The Wild
8. The Heartstring Stranglers - The Funeral
9. Melting Season - Green Beard
10. Glen Farris - Jack Of Diamonds
11. Sans Soleil - Caldera
12. The Timeline Post - No End In Sight
13. Power Animal - Female Wrestler
14. Two Knights - Party Alcove
15. Delmore Pilcrow - Everything We Need
16. Babar - Magic And I Are Old Friends
17. Fishboy - Alberto Simmons
18. Drug Mountain - You're Eating It
19. Caleb Ian Campbell - Crooked Day Ruse
20. Shiny Around The Edges - Colonia
21. The Angelus - Gone Country
22. George Quartz - Last Summer
23. Mount Righteous - Suburban Homesick Blues
24. RTB2 - Hands Where Words Cannot Go
25. Summer Of Glaciers - In The Wind
26. Dust Congress - St Augustine
27. Florene - Tribez Of Industry
28. Roy Robertson - Icing
29. Geistheistler - Ralph Nader
30. Sarah Renfro - State Of The Union
31. Handbrake - Road Time
32. Doug Burr - I Got This Fever O Ye Devastator
33. Amo Joy - Diggity Doom
34. P.D. Wilder - Mute/Marred
35. Daniel Folmer - District County Court
36. Kaboom - Structural Violence
37. Burntsienna Trio - True Love Don't Grow On Trees
38. Northern - Once There Is Love