10 Albums That Cure a Bad Hangover

There are few things that cure day-after-drinking hell better than a Bloody Mary. It's got to be a salad in a glass for the really bad ones, when you feel heavy at the forehead like a sledgehammer. Obviously, there's a number of additional things you can do for yourself: Get a delicious beer. Get a huge ass Tex-Mex breakfast. Get someone to black jack you with a boat oar.

But what the hell do you do on the way to get the glorious Bloody Mary? On the way to brunch? On the way to more bar? After you wake up from being nailed by a boat oar?

You need music to stop the two New York-sized rats fighting behind your eyes. These are the albums that are the musical equivalent of the sweet, sweet tomato drink. Hopefully, they'll do the same for you. If not, feel free to throw vegetables at the comments. Or post your own top ten. Oh, and keep it handy for 35 Denton and SXSW.