35 Denton Hosts a Warm-Up Show, Plus Islands, the Band Perry and the Rest of Your Weekend

Not only is 35 Denton pumping up next month's festival with a barrage of NSFW promotional videos, they're putting on some pretty stellar local shows leading up to the event. Tonight, Burning Hotels, The Hope Trust, The Demigs and Danny Rush converge on Andy's Bar for a little sampling of 35 Denton. Tomorrow, -topic, The Demigs, Soviet and Mexican Lions hit up 2826 Arnetic.

Should make for good shows, what with the variety of acts on the bills, and so should a handful of other shows this weekend.

If you wanna read more about the Don Cornelius/Whitney Houston "Love Train" tribute at American Airlines center, Pinkish Black, Lumberjack Fest and Yelawolf, click through or pick up a dead tree copy of the paper.

'80s Dance Party Tribute to Whitney Houston
Friday, February 17, at Elm Street Bar

It would be a terrible thing to capitalize on the recent death of Whitney Houston, whose fame was tarnished by a few rough years. However, that's not what Elm Street Bar is doing. The proceeds for this event will go to Whitney Houston's favorite charity, The Whitney Houston Foundation For Children. So, if you wanna dance with somebody...

The King Bucks (Live Recording)
Friday and Saturday, at Adair's Saloon

The King Bucks are a prolific bunch, which might explain Keith Killoren's penchant for writing songs in crowded bars. Just last weekend, I ran into him at Hid In, the over-hyped pop-up bar in Deep Ellum next to Adair's Saloon, where the Bucks are recording a live album this weekend. I told him I was working on a song and he asked me to sing the melody into his iPhone recorder. Making sure the tune was lost in the crowd noise, he wrote down the lyrics in a moleskin notebook and told me he'd finish it in no time. Chances are it won't be on any King Bucks albums, at least not any time soon. That moleskin was full.

Needtobreathe, Ben Rector
Friday, February 17, at House of Blues

Lots of positive reviews floating around various social media outlets for last night's Needtobreathe show, the first of two to take place at House of Blues. The fringe Christian act is apparently loved by all, but it leads me to question, is there a Christian rock act that's ever received a negative review? Someone needs to get on that.

Telegraph Canyon, Air Review
Friday, February 17, at Lola's Saloon

Telegraph Canyon's shows are consistently transcendent, but it's about time for another album from them. Stat.

The Band Perry
Saturday, February 18, at Billy Bob's Texas

Hopefully this country act has recovered from losing the Best New Artist Grammy to Bonnie Bear.

Saturday, February 18, at Sons of Hermann Hall

Local promoter Parade of Flesh is really heating up for what should be a stellar spring. This (seated!) Islands show at Sons of Hermann Hall promises to be enjoyable. It's the kind of indie-pop that's best enjoyed in a mellow state, which will be perfect at Sons.

Mon Julien, The Burning Hotels, Ishi
Saturday, February 18, at Lola's Saloon

If anything, this show will be crowded. Two Fort Worth powerhouse bands, Mon Julien (former members of Black Tie Dynasty) and Burning Hotels (they're so hot right now) will be joined by Dallas' Ishi.

Over the Rhine, Doug Burr
Saturday, February 18, at Granada Theater

Speaking of fringe Christian acts, Over the Rhine has long been associated with the outskirts of the gospel genre. Their tranquil, almost jazzy pop is full of bossa nova rhythms and simple pop melodies. They'll be joined by Dallas singer-songwriter Doug Burr.

...and that's it from us. We hope you have a great weekend and we'll see you back here on Monday.