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Bryan Adams, Yes That Bryan Adams, Will Show Photography in Dallas

We'd heard it was coming, then forgot. Then remembered. Then got bored and chose to forget again.

Then ate some Donettes we keep in our emergency snack hutch and wondered why ALF didn't hold up with syndication and time.

BUT THEN, JUST NOW, the official email arrived assuring us that Bryan Adams -- the guy who sang "In The Summer of 69" -- will have a solo photography show at Goss-Michael Foundation, opening to the public on Tuesday, December 18.

The show will feature 46 select images from his new (wait..."retrospective"? C'mon, press release, really?) book, Exposed, and will be composed of "intimate images of friends and colleagues in the entertainment, fashion and art industries."

I dunno. Most of those people look great in every photo they've ever knowingly primped for, so I have a tough time getting overly excited. Pose 'em in a heavy lip and a smokey eye, then just set that camera on auto.

The included press image sheet looks like a bizarro-world celebrity Instagram feed, with Sir Mick Jagger, Lindsay Lohan, Victoria Beckham and Amy Winehouse taking center stage. If you're into that kind of thing, it'll be up until February 8, 2013.

If you aren't, go see Linder Sterling's show before it's gone. Like, for real.