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SpinFest Will Teach You Circus Skills Without Having to Run Away from Home

If you've ever dreamed of becoming a star in the circus, you were probably raised in a time before iPhones, animal rights groups or the inherent creepiness of a Cirque du Soleil show. Such a strange life goal comes with a number of unique challenges. First, you have to have a home to run away from since that's the circus equivalent of earning a high school diploma. Then you have to learn to work around dangerous animals that see you both as their god and a potential food source depending on whether or not you are holding a whip. The biggest obstacle is the clowns, and if you're not sure why, spend some time around one and learn how to harness the sound of your piercing screams at night as your new alarm clock.

There is a way to speed up the circus induction process by actually learning the skills that will serve you well in the circus without having to learn how to fight clowns with a makeshift knife. The folks from the social circus group Creative Motion hold a free, public juggling and throwing clinic called SpinFest from 3-7 p.m. on the third Saturday of each month at The Park at the Eastside Plaza shopping center in Richardson.

The group's expert jugglers, twirlers and object throwers will teach you the basics of their art and even some more complicated and elaborate moves once you've mastered them. The how-to fest also offers demonstrations and lessons on the art of "poi," also known as spinning a pair of long tethers in beautiful geometric patterns without braining yourself in the process. This event is free and open to any member of the public who is eager to learn the joys of juggling.

Of course, we can't possibly list all the possible circus skills you could pick up at such an interesting event. Instead, see for yourself what goes on at a future circus stars clinic in this YouTube video of one of SpinFest's past gatherings.