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Take Lauren's Mini Virtual Tour of the Dallas Art Fair

I am not an art collector. If I could afford it, I suppose I would be, but at this point in my life I cannot claim it as a hobby. But as an arts journalist, I find myself staring at the price tag of a piece at a gallery scheming about selling my beat-up Prius for a particularly eye-catching painting. Yesterday, for example, I attended the Dallas Art Fair preview at the Fashion Industry Gallery and picked out a few favorites that I present here for you to share in my art lust. I'm not going to analyze them or attempt to put them in historical context, so think of this as a simplistic guide to my personal aesthetic. If you don't like color, you should probably skip this virtual tour.

Marlborough Chelsea's Andrew Kuo paintings This New York gallery shows just off the foyer of FIG. Why do I like this one? Color. Color. Color. And its retro flair.

Samsøñ's Steve Locke neon This Boston gallery shows in Booth B10 on the second floor near the back. I'm glad I traipsed through the booths to find this eye-catching neon sculpture.

C. Grimaldis Gallery's Chul Hyun Ahn sculptures This Baltimore gallery had a series of sculptures that used mirrors to reflect lights into infinity. The above sculpture was placed on the ground and you look down into it, as though it is a never-ending hole in the ground. I whispered aloud, "I feel like I'm going to fall." To which the kind gallery owner said, "Then, we will catch you." It was seriously a lovely day.

Ambach & Rice's 3-dimensional reliefs The picture doesn't do it justice. The reliefs shown by this Los Angeles gallery draw you in close to see the intricate layers that give it the 3-dimensional structure.

RO2 Art's Brian K. Jones mixed media Sure, I've seen it before at the downtown Dallas gallery, but I would be remiss not to mention it on this virtual tour of my favorite pieces at the Fair. Every time I see this piece I smile.