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Have Mario and Luigi Traded Cloud Land for Deep Ellum? A Quest for Graffiti Evidence.

A very cryptic voicemail was placed in the Observer's inbox yesterday. A man -- possibly truthful, certainly stoned -- left an anonymous tip. He alerted us that a pair of guys, dressed like Mario and Luigi will be painting murals around Deep Ellum throughout the week. He gave no further specifics and ended the call mysteriously with "That's all I'm allowed to say."

Is this really happening or had our caller visited Mushroom World earlier that morning? We don't know for sure, but if you hear this song:

start looking down alleyways. Those plumbers don't go anywhere without auditory accompaniment.

To be on the safe side, don't go climbing into any sewer tubes for the next few days. While some may lead to rows of golden coins, others will just as certainly be piranha plant habitats.

For the love of Nintendo, if you see two dudes in overalls flying around on magic leafs, swimming though the pig blood Trinity in frog suits, or posting up next to a princess, TAKE A PICTURE. Then send it to [email protected] I'll finagle you up some kind of prize for your trouble.

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