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Bananas Took Over Elm St. Last Friday. It Was Awesome.

In what can only be described as organized pandaemonium, hundreds of bananas (including myself) took over Elm St. in Deep Ellum last Friday for the 4th annual Banana Bar Crawl. Web comic crazies from Cyanide & Happiness, Rob DenBleyker and Dave McElfatrick, led the yellow bunch as we made our way from bar to bar, entering each dive to double takes and questions.

The night kicked off at 8 p.m. at The Green Room, with hundreds of bananas gathering on the massive rooftop patio for drinks and munchies. Also making an appearance were several monkeys, a couple of banana-themed ballerinas and people who thought wearing yellow was good enough. (It wasn't.) Some partiers chose to stay downstairs at the inside bar, but they missed most of the fun -- bananas playing giant Jenga, group pictures and screaming "Banana!" down at late-comers making their way up the street. The bright yellow mob could be seen from over a block away. But not everyone was in full fruit fashion.

These random guys thought they would go bar hopping and be the odd men out. Heh.

Um, a taco is totally not a banana. It's not even a fruit.

At 10 p.m., the C&H guys announced via Twitter that we were heading over to Wit's End for the free Hey Banana Na! rock show. Well, free for bananas (others had to pony up $5).

At about 11 p.m., dozens of bananas crowded the area in front of the stage and Hey Banana Na! jumped up in full banana attire, hurling insults and discordant chords at the audience when they weren't fighting amongst themselves (as part of the show) or leading the audience in chanting "eat my dick" for a full minute. Bananas jumped and head banged through the songs while the crowd smacked a blow up banana around the venue.

The set lasted about 45 minutes, with bananas setting out on their own for food shortly after. After filling up, we made our way to Eden Lounge where, as the C&H guys put it, bananas danced their peels off. The night rounded out at Anvil Pub, where bananas and their friends downed their last drinks of the night before making their way home.

Fun fact: After the Hey Banana Na! show, the guy in the green body suit was on the corner of North Crowdus and Elm, shaking his ass for money and molesting several cars as they made their way down the street. He made $4.