Movie-Inspired Halloween Costumes to Get Started On Now

Ah, the season is upon us.

Wait, what season, you ask? Halloween of course!

If you've taken a gander at the date today, then you probably noticed that we are now exactly two months away from All Hallow's Eve.

Some of you may be the type who rush to your local costume outfitters at 5 p.m. on October 31, hoping they have something, anything left in your size. Ah, yes. We know your type. Those are the people that you can usually spot out of a crowd at a Halloween party. Guys dressed as Hugh Hefner. Girls dressed as sexified [fill in the blank with any profession that was previously not thought of as sexy]. Couples dressed as salt and pepper shakers.

Have some respect for yourself and the greatest holiday of the year, you Halloweenies! It's the one day out of the whole 365 that you get to live out your own personal fantasy and become your hero or heroine without people looking down at you out of sheer disgust for nerdery (comic book conventions excluded). In fact, they will celebrate you for it.

Which is why I'm here with this intervention. It's time to peel back the wrapper on your sweet, delicious creativity. It's never too early to start working on Halloween costume ideas (this coming from the guy who keeps an ever growing list of Halloween costume ideas with him on his iPhone) so here's a few suggestions inspired by some of this year's cinematic adventures:

The gang from Attack the Block (M) Want to be the baddest dude on the block at this year's Halloween shindig? Pull on a hoodie, throw up the hood, mask your face with a bandit bandanna and grab a baseball bat to transform yourself into one of the young alien-fighting ruffians from this summer's indie sci-fi hit. Beware: you may be confused for a London rioter, in which case drop the bat and pick up your nearest broom.

The Crimson Bolt/Boltie from Super (M/F) Superhero flicks featuring mild mannered citizens serving up their own brand of DIY justice are all the rage right now. You may have seen a surge in Kick-Ass costumes last year which were fun -- but that was last year!

A new homegrown crime fighter hit the streets this year and his name is The Crimson Bolt (played by The Office's Rainn Wilson)! As you can see, The Crimson Bolt's homemade costume should be pretty easy to make from just a few visits to a sporting good store (for the Under Armour-style clothing and protective padding), a craft store (for the super-symbol) and an Army Navy Store (for the utility belt and just general weaponry). Sure, everyone may not get who you are at first glance (if ever) and wonder why you keep yelling "Shut up, crime!" but hey, that just means that you were super creative with your costume idea! Bonus points if they think you came up with the character on your own.

Ladies, Super also provides a costume idea for you as well: The Crimson Bolt's green and yellow clad sidekick Boltie (played by Juno's Ellen Page)! With a visit to American Apparel, you should be able to get pretty much everything you need to transform yourself into this ass kicking vixen of justice.

Whether you go paired as The Crimson Bolt & Boltie, or you roll solo, you can rest assured that you will stand out as your superhero self in a crowd of Captain Americas, Thors, X-Men and Green Lanterns.

Driver from Drive (M) The gritty indie heist film starring Ryan Gosling as a stuntman by day/getaway driver by night has yet to hit theaters but when it does (on September 16th) you'll know exactly why a Drive-inspired costume will put the pedal to the metal this Halloween.

You may have peeped photos from the film, featuring Gosling sporting his character's signature sateen jacket complete with a giant scorpion patch on the back, a short sleeve henley, brown leather driving gloves and a toothpick in his mouth (gotta have the toothpick). It's a good look that will make everyone equally want to and afraid to talk to you. Unfortunately, The Driver's badassness cannot be purchased but hey that's what pretending is for! If you really want to go the extra mile, "borrow" a vintage muscle car to roll up to your party in true Drive style. Bonus points if you break up a fight at the party, a la Gosling.

The kids from Super 8 (M/F) Another super costume idea! Hit the Goodwill and find some vintage '80s threads and an old Super 8 camera and you're set. Just prepare yourself for a lot of strange looks from party goers when they realize you've been walking around filming them all night.

Jake Lonergan from Cowboys & Aliens (M) Sure, sure. Cowboys & Aliens may have turned out to be the lame piece of fruit in our otherwise sweet candy haul of summer blockbusters but that didn't stop Daniel Craig's character from being an all out badass of the Old West.

"The Cowboy" is one of the most classic and most popular Halloween costumes of years past so why not put a little spin on your gunfighter this year, complete with a homemade arm canon and more authentic Western wear. Think earth-tones. You're going for more Clint Eastwood and less Roy Rodgers. Or Marty McFly in the second half, not the first half, of Back to the Future 3. And, partner, if you have a little lady to accompany you on this fine evening you could ask her to be the alien! Sexy alien of course.

The cast of Mad Men (M/F) The last idea on this list may not be inspired by a movie but, hey, this is my list! Also I realize that many people have copped the Mad Men costume over the last few years, but I couldn't leave this one off considering the fact that Banana Republic has exactly what you need right now to put together the perfect swanky or sexy outfit inspired by the coolest, most stylish show on TV. Actually, it's not on TV right now, so it's actually more hip than if it were -- you know, if you're going that route.

If you're not up on the fashion trends, let me fill you in; Banana currently carries the Limited Edition Mad Men Collection, with men and women's clothing inspired by the series' '60s couture. This may be a bit more on the pricey side for a Halloween costume but think of it this way; at least you'll get more than one wear out of it as opposed to just banishing it to the back of the closet on November 1st. But fellas, a word to the wise; don't get too into character and go Don Draper on all the gals at the soirée. 1960's clothing, 2011 manners.

Have your own unconventional cinematic costume ideas to add to the list? Suggest them below, along with tips on where and how people can obtain the necessary pieces. And, if any of you crazy kids actually use any of these ideas (or come up with your own), be sure to email me the photos and I'll feature them in a future article.

Now bring on the pumpkins.

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