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Our Favorite Moments at Angelika Dallas, Which Celebrates 10 Years Today

Today marks the 10th anniversary of Angelika Dallas, and the movie theater is celebrating the occasion with free screenings of 10 movies from the last 10 years. They're also rolling back prices on popcorn and soda to 10 cents, which means it's cheap date night for all.

We here at the Observer have fond memories of the Angelika from the last decade, whether it be the late night porno screenings, film festivals or the 24 Video Race (ahem, Mixmaster did take third place with this humble film in the Hollywood division this year). After the jump, read our recollections from the past 10 years and see the schedule of screenings at the Angelika today, then go wish the theater a happy birthday.


Merritt Martin: The Angelika and I are pretty good friends. We've been through a lot together. When one of my closest friends and I were both having a shit day, we went to see Little Miss Sunshine. Like ya do. When on a first date, I saw Children of Men. You know, logically. I may not have made the most ideal mood choices, but both of those movies remain outstanding pieces of film and sit as part of my DVD collection.

My ass also spends a great deal of time on Angelika velour every April when my best friend and I take vacation and marathon through the Dallas International Film Festival. I have a preferred seat in each size theater, I know how long it takes to walk briskly to the ladies' room from theaters 5 through 8, and I have an Angelika-weight hoodie that is perfect for the temperature there. Needless to say, it's hard to pick just one favorite film from those I've seen there over the years, so I'll go with an interaction: Meeting one of my favorite actors, Richard Jenkins, as he sat hanging out in the hallway waiting for The Visitor to begin.

Normally, I can hang. I don't get flustered. I remain calm. But for some reason, I became a bit of a tween in his presence. And, yes, he actually teased me for my choice of reference when I said something like, "Excuse me, sir, but it's you! You're Richard Jenkins from Flirting With Disaster! I'm sorry, I just got really excited and had to say hello." He was totally gracious and I calmed down -- thankfully. We talked a teeny bit (he said he m&ms were his favorite concession) and when I left the restroom (where I'd been headed when I saw him, so I'm thankful for obvious reasons as well) he waved and said he'd see me later. He even took a photo with me when Robert forced us to (for which I'm now grateful) after R-Dub's Q&A with him. For the record, Robert remained completely calm and did not squeal or freak out on Richard Jenkins once during the entire discussion. I aim to be more like him.

Oh, wait! I almost forgot one awesome Angelika memory: The Mixmaster won third place in our division for the 2011 24-Hour Video Race! High fives, people!

Elizabeth Bair: I used to live at an apartment complex next to Mockingbird Station (yes, the one that now has the hideous murals), so I would walk to the Angelika a lot to see movies. Initially, my favorite thing about the theater was that they sold alcohol, but then I really started to get hooked on the place because they showed documentaries. I love seeing movies by myself so I can really enjoy them, and one of my favorite memories is seeing Intermission in a theater with maybe two other people. No cell phones, no noisy people to yell at. It was perfect. It was the way I want every movie-watching experience in my life to be. Wow, I sound like a lonely loser. My absolute favorite memory though is this year's 24 Hour Video Race. It was a fun, crazy, tiring experience that I can't wait to do again.

Alexander Flores: Back in, oh, probably 2002 or 2003, myself and a mixed bunch of friends got drunk one Friday evening and upon perusing the Dallas Observer (not kidding) for something off-beat to do, we saw that the Angelika was screening a vintage John Holmes 3D porno. It sounded like fun, so we stumbled our way over there for the midnight engagement. Needless to say, we got more inebriated once we were there as to fit in with the very mixed crowd of porno purveyors. I don't remember much, but I do remember there being a lot of hair ... Why don't they do that anymore? (The vintage porn screenings, not the hair.) It was a great time, the movie was terrible/laughable, and the whole audience had a blast. Besides seeing some truly great new films there over the last 10 years, and meeting new people who later became old friends, that was one of the most memorable episodes I've experienced at the Angelika.

Noah W. Bailey: I saw Disco Dolls in Hot Skin 3D, too. I remember a lot of ducking.

Lindsey Coyne: Yes, I'll admit it -- I saw Twilight at the midnight showing amidst about 12,376 screaming 11-year olds and their moms. Channel 8 cameras came into our theater, which prompted all 12,376 screaming 11-year olds to chant, "We want Edward! We want Edward!" I was suckered into going with a friend who, much unlike myself, is really into the vampire thing. however, the condition upon which I would attend was that I (1.) wasn't driving, and thus (2.) could drink. A lot. So my most memorable experience at the Angelika I don't remember much of except that godforsaken chanting that still haunts me to this day.