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This New Dallas Theater Project Will Take Place in an Abandonded Crack House, Possibly Serve Food

I ran into Dead White Zombies' director/writer/overlord Thomas Riccio a few weeks back while in line at Lakewood Theater. We were waiting to watch a human suspension, but that isn't why Riccio was excited. Fresh off an educational/spiritual excursion to India, he was vibrating with creative energy. Somewhere en route between East and West he'd finalized the idea for his next production, and it's taking him (and us) into an abandoned crack house.

The group he reps, Dead White Zombies, is a performance art/theater/installation ensemble, known to inhabit unconventional spaces, then redesign them to fill their theatrical needs. Riccio said his newest show, T.N.B., would take place in an old home of nefarious connection. He already had his eyes on one Singleton Blvd. address that was in especially rough shape -- he smiled when he mentioned the human feces still marinating in certain rooms. Hazmat would need to come through, he explained, before it would be deemed Safe For Art.