The Five Best Comedy Shows in Dallas This Weekend, November 29 - December 2

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Gabriel Iglesias at the Addison Improv The fluffy funny-man himself will be here this weekend at the Addison Improv. Iglesias (and that's Iglesias with an I, no matter what the hotel clerk says) riffs on everything from Dance Dance Revolution to al-Qaeda, all while flipping into his scarily spot-on 5-year-old voice.

Billy D. Washington at Hyena's in Fort Worth Do you like relaxing keyboard melodies? What about dead-on comedic punches to the gut? If you like both, come see Billy D. Washington mix 'em up perfectly this weekend at Hyena's in Fort Worth. Maybe he'll even play his soon-to-be-famous crowd-pleaser about his life as a white man. One can only hope.

Billy Sorrells at the Arlington Improv Best known for his role as Peaches on the YouTube parody series "Shit Black Girls Say," which has 15 million hits and counting, Sorrells shies away from nothing. Blasting everyone from girlfriends to his grandpa, this comedian brings a fresh spin to the everyday. With his own radio show, "Skits and Bits," on Jamie Foxx's Foxxhole, this comedian is a guaranteed blast. As his grandpa might say: Think about it.

Carl Labove at Hyena's in Dallas Why won't a Wildebeest fight back against a lion? Seriously, it's got hooves and horns! This is the kind of shit that puzzles comedian Carl Labove. He's only got their best interests in mind. He's decided that if this comedy thing doesn't work out, he's moving to Africa to teach them self-defense. Don't send him to Africa, guys! We need him here!

Open Mic Night at the Backdoor Comedy Club Like to live life on the edge? Then take a chance on some comedy newbies and come out to Backdoor's Open Mic Night tonight. You never know what might happen -- you could see the next big act, you could see a complete meltdown. Either way -- laughs! Tickets are only $7, a small price to pay to be witness to an unpredictable event that could produce literal tears from comedians. Tears of happiness, or sorrow? You'll have to show up to find out.