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Hitchcock Thursdays at the Angelika: A Weekly Cure for What Ails Modern Horror

Do you ever find yourself missing horror movies that had psychological and intellectual weight to them? Do you weep at the current slasher film scene? Today, horror movies seem like a publically held contest that is judged by:

- A quantitative calculation of fake blood by the gallon

- Amount of appendages lost by rusty, homemade apparatus

- Controlling psychopath with unclear/lazily written plans (here's to you, Saw franchise) and/or who can most offend a religion by incorporating the use or inclusion of one's deity, demons or perverted angels.

If you are tired of any of the above trite horror film conventions, then the Angelika at Mockingbird Station has the perfect, and perfectly British, remedy for you: the father of the modern day psychological thriller, the great Alfred Hitchcock.

Every Thursday this month the Angelika will be screening classic Hitchcock films. Of these four films alone are multiple Oscar nominations, and Oscar award winning actors. Some of these badass pop culture icons are: Cary Grant, Grace Kelly, and James Stewart. So come out to the Angelika, grab a beer, espresso, some wine, or some popcorn (if you're feeling boring) and get scared out of your leather jacket or poodle skirt like your grandparents did.

It started last week with The Birds, and continues this week and all month:

Thursday, October 11th, To Catch a Thief

Thursday, October 18th, Rear Window

Thursday, October 25th, Vertigo

For more information, check out the Angelika's home page.