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Kick Off Your Weekend In Style, With Free Mavs Tickets!

Rallying on a Friday evening can be tricky; you want to hit the nightlife but to do so you have survive the dreaded "dead zone." Let me explain: After a long work week you need to blow off some steam but you also aren't going to meet your friends until 10 p.m.. Going home isn't the answer -- you'll get way too comfortable. Next thing you know it, BAM! You're living la vida sweatpants.

The best way to avoid the void is to listen to your party whisperer sidekick, The Dallas Observer. This Friday your favorite alt weekly wingman has whipped up a major rager: It's called the MASKquerade Party and it's loaded up with cheep drinks, free appetizers and all kinds of giveaways -- including Mavs tickets for the party's luckiest peeps.

Here's how it's going to play out: You fashion up a fabulous mask -- think Eyes Wide Shut without all of the creepy bits, and bring it to Wild Salsa. Upon arrival you'll nibble your way through complimentary appetizers and toast your new masked friends with cheap drinks. ($2.50 Drafts, $4 Margaritas, and $3.5 "cupid's crush cocktails" -- which I'm guessing is the alcoholic equivalent to a solid make-out session.) Don't forget to check out the on-site photo booth so you're armed with empirical party evidence.

The more "singles-y" element of the evening is the lock and key game; the first five strangers to match up their locks and keys, respectively, win the Mavs and concert tickets. What's that? You're shy? Just pull a Ghostbusters and channel your inner Sigourney Weaver or Rick Moranis, then go find your Gatekeeper/Key Master. (Girls, don't do the Zuul voice; that really freaks dudes out.)

Finally, compete in the mask competition. Make yours out of something really weird, like beer caps and Swedish Fish so that you have a shot at the title, or more importantly the $250 gift card to DRG (Which can be used at Wild Salsa, Dallas Chop House and the Dallas Fish Market.) And since the whole thing wraps up early, you've still got time to hit the nightlife. But you can't beat the system if you don't RSVP, so shoot an email to [email protected]

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