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Galleries Open Wide, Get In Them This Weekend

The front, the back, it doesn't matter which entrance you take when it comes to some QT with your favorite host of local galleries this weekend. These sweet thangs are good-looking, and even prettier on the inside - which is where it counts, mind you - and they're not the jealous type. Try one, try them all, experiment a little. Discuss your favorite viewing positions with your fellow polyandrous art aficionados.


Kicking off from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m., Bringing the Trinity to Life presents the Trinity through the lens of its locals, quite literally, showing the winning photographs from the first Trinity River Photo Contest. In the Janette Kennedy Gallery at South Side on Lamar, these photos remind us of the beautify resource right under out noses, capturing it in a time of imminent change.

At 2516 Florence Street, theSPACE celebrates its Grand Opening with improved jams and creative energy galore. A new "cultural playhouse," organized by the Green Bandana Group, theSPACE is described as "a little black dress, a navy blue suit, perfect for any idea, ready for any occasion." The party starts bumping at 8:00 p.m. and don't stop 'til 3:00 in the mo'nin. But, if you plan to come, plan to contribute, either by signing up to bring some goodies here, or by packing a little cash to help get this 6,200 sq.ft. xanadu lifted.


The MAC brings you a virtual gang-bang of artistic excellence with three openings from 5:30 to 7:30 p.m. In the Large Gallery, space isn't the final frontier, it's just the beginning, in Of Other Spaces, presented by The Museum of Fine Art Houston's Core Program. "Curated by critics in the Core residency, Sally Frater and Philip Kelleher, this exhibition will include the work of Miguel Amat, Anthea Behm, Jang Soon Im, Massa Lemu, Gabriel Martinez, Nicole Miller, and Clarissa Tossin." A rebuttal to the contemporary ideas of geographical and socio-political delineations, the exhibition includes video, photography, collage, assemblage and installation.

In the Square Gallery, you'll find home•less•bound, by robert mateo diago with Willie Baronet and Cristella Medrano. The exhibition Utilizes a series of installations, sculpture and photography to challenge our views - both explicit and tacit - on homelessness.

Terry Hayes' Irreversible Change will be installed in the New Works space, containing sculptures in the style of theatrical set models that examine the range of emotions - from sorrow to awe - that accompanies tragic, but unstoppable, natural disasters.

On the East side, Oliver Francis Gallery will be hosting Jeff Gibbons' Boylet Toilet, with an opening reception from 6:00 to 9:00 p.m. "The most highly involved and produced singular project to date at Oliver Francis," the exhibition challenges our conceptions of painting, sculpture and portraiture by "demand[ing] attitudes of reverence and absurdity, bequeathing sentiments not usually obtained by the static and paltry objects of contemporary simulacra."

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