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Go Legit: Gallery Bomb Calls for Street Artists

Are you an artist searching for that perfect, unbuffable wall (aka: The Holy Grail of graff writers)?  How about putting your name on something permanent by taking your skill set indoors? Your mom would be so proud...

Local graffiti art collective, Gallery Bomb, is experimenting with new Dallas talent. The crew is taking submissions for its upcoming skateboard/graffiti art showcase (date TBA) and they want you to get involved. So far what's known is that the collection will be exhibited in early 2012, so if you want to flex your subversive prowess -- artistically speaking -- you should hit them up. Soon.

Email: [email protected] to express your interest, and then make something really phenomenal. It's that easy. After all, just think of what you'll accomplish without a lookout taggin' along.