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Carol Burnett Is Coming To Bass Performance Hall On April 19. (Tug Your Earlobe.)

I positively love Carol Burnett. She's always been a trailblazer and role model for women, especially for the eccentric ones. Born in San Antonio and later raised by her grandmother in a Hollywood boarding house, Burnett didn't have an easy childhood.

That didn't stop her from pursuing her education (she went to UCLA on full scholarship for theater), or her dreams of breaking onto Broadway, television and film. Her self-named variety show had an 11-year run during an era that wasn't always gracious to ladies with big mouths and ideas. But even at its inception, the world knew there was something special about this Burnett gal -- it could be her endearingly giant heart, but more likely it's her ability to pick apart life's minutia and expose its most hilarious nuances through sketch and stand-up comedy that set her on a higher pedestal, where she remains to this day.

Now in her 70s, she still tours relentlessly and to great accolades. See Burnett at Bass Concert Hall on April 19. Get your tickets here.