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Big and Free: Watch the "Dallas" Premiere Wednesday at the Angelika

The clothes. The backstabbing. The most insidious family tree ever planted in an oil field. It's "Dallas," and it's back. Wednesday night we'll see if the three-decade morality struggle between J.R. and Bobby grows richer when legacy gifted to their heirs as our favorite Texas-centric melodrama picks back up in the year 2012. And to celebrate the return, we'll be watching it, FOR FREE, on the big screen at the Angelika at 8 p.m. (You'll want to arrive earlier to stake a deed on your favorite row of seats.)

The bar will be open, and selling hard liquor, so you can sip nostalgically as footage of your favorite spots set the story's backdrop. Will John Ross III size up to his father's philandering boot prints? Will Christopher follow suit of his adopted dad or reveal more...Barnes... characteristics? Will Larry Hagman's face finally shatter like a plate glass window or simply collapse upon itself like a poorly risen soufflé? These questions, and all of the rest, will be answered during this two-hour premier.

The show covered a lot of country soil in its 13-year run, and more storylines than most major daytime soaps, combined, but don't feel intimidated about jumping into the series, either as a first-timer or an old acquaintance. TNT put together a short summary video to catch you up on what you've missed to date and what you can expect in the resurgence run of "Dallas." (Spoiler alert: lots and lots of villainous behavior, tawdry affairs and Reunion Tower money shots. Also, Sue Ellen's oilstained veneers.)

Join us Wednesday night at 8 p.m. (seating starts earlier). We'll be the ones in the giant Stetsons, drinking heavily. To help get excited, go ahead and download this ringtone.