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World's Largest Zeppelin Flies into DFW For Last U.S. Stop

Around 8:45 a.m. this morning, around the time this author rabbit-punched "snooze" on the alarm clock, the world's largest zeppelin lifted off into sky.

The Farmers Airship, which at 246 feet is 15 feet longer than a Boeing 747 and is sponsored by something, is at Fort Worth Alliance Airport as part of a six month all-over-the-country tour. Air Heads interested in flying inside the zep can hop aboard for the $495 per person (a one-hour trip through downtown Fort Worth) or a $950 two-hour downtown Dallas ride for, wait for it, $950. Worth it though, when you consider this marks the first time a zeppelin has ever bopped around the States like this. Also? Beth Pursley, of For Farmers Airship, confirms the DFW stop is the last for the flying machine.

Luckily, our photographer Rachel Parker was brave enough to jump aboard the big ship (and not hurl), and came back with some damn awesome pictures to prove it. Check 'em out after the leap.

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