The 11 Rooms We Want to Buy During Friday's Dwell With Dignity Thrift Studio

There's a feeling of pride that comes from living in a furnished home, rather than just a shelter. Going above barren fundamental need, having a thoughtfully designed area to collapse in affects our coping abilities. With attachment to space comes increased emotional connections -- both to our physical location and our willingness to let others in.

That's not news to Lisa Robison and Kim Turner, the organized forces behind Dwell with Dignity, the local non-profit that decorates and furnishes donated spaces for families transitioning out of homelessness. It's such a lovely mission, and watching theirAbout Us video made my eyes get all sweaty.

The mission has united Dallas' design community. Now, when furniture arrives slightly damaged to a showroom, it's often donated to the cause. Dwell's objective is further bolstered through its biannual shopping events, like the one popping up this Friday, at 1100 Slocum Street, Suite 590.