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The Top 10 Horror Film Scenes That Messed Us Up for Life (NSFW)

There's a scene from the 1929 surrealist film Un Chien Andalou that everyone who's taken a film history class will remember: A man (Luis Bunuel, the writer-director) is sharpening a straight razor on his balcony. He then takes the blade and runs it along his thumb. The film shows a tight shot of a woman, staring blankly at us, and Bunuel's hand draws her eyelids back. Then, Bunuel slices the woman's eye open.

It's still one of the most shocking things that's ever been to put to film. Maybe the first that wasn't based on the visceral gore of a new artistic medium. This was not just a scare, it was straight horror. Fast forward to 2012, where hundreds of films -- many of them in the proper horror genre -- contain enough fucked-up scenes to knock us on the couch for years of psychological restructuring.

So, with Halloween around the corner, we'd like to present ten scenes from classic horror films that are so disturbing we're different people upon watching them (with the number of hours of cartoons we had to watch to rid us of said fear). In other words, the 10 best film scenes that fucked us up for life: