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Link Offered Reprieve, Emits Energy Blast From Sword

Oh Link, we understand that your wifi reception is positively shit in those dungeons, but while you were putzing around with flutes and bows EVERYONE IN DALLAS beat you to Zelda tickets.

Oh, the irony.

Yep, the Dallas Symphony performs "The Legend of Zelda: Symphony of the Goddess" to a sold-out crowd on January 10th. Meanwhile, you'll be left alone, wandering, with nothing but your magical boomerang in hand for comfort.

Or will you?

You've got one final chance to complete your quest, woo the princess, and possibly open her mystical Triforce, but to make it happen you're going to need to pawn everything you've found up to this point. The symphony is auctioning off the final two tickets online. Just go to their Facebook page, like 'em, and place your bid.

If you win, you'll get box seat tickets, a fancy-shmancy stay at the Ritz-Carlton, a champagne breakfast for you and the princess at Fearing's, and a special spa package that includes something called an "Ultra Infusion Facial experience for two" -- which when last checked, was still banned in Hyrule.

God speed, Link. Maybe the fairies can extend you a line of credit?