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Art We Love: Yarn Portraits by Corey Godfrey at Kettle Art

Kettle Art's walls were covered in love letters to aquatic subculture on Saturday night at the opening of "Ripple Effect," the new group show curated by Amber Campagna. Like the best communal endeavors, "Ripple" turned me on to a couple of artists that I want to know more about, most specifically to yarn artist Corey Godfrey and how she creates her knitted wonders. Previous collections by Godfrey have focused around a message of women embracing erotica and sensuality, removing its "dirty" or male-dominated connotations, and reclaiming feminine pleasure in the name of the XX. Doing so through yarn, a traditionally domestic medium, gives her work and added nudge and wink.

Her two portraits for the Kettle opening steered into calmer waters. Still, the provocative orgasmic face of a mermaid -- um, swimming solo -- keeps Corey's message at the surface, even if the money shot occurs in deep sea.