The Conan Writers Will Do Their Own Show at the Dallas Comedy House

If you haven't heard the news by now because you've been out of town, in a coma or some kind of bizarre parallel dimension that doesn't have a good Wifi connection, Conan O'Brien is bringing his Conan show to town to tape a week's worth of episodes at The Majestic Theater starting March 31. That means he's also bringing a bunch of celebrity guests like Seth Rogen and Adam Sandler, his Basic Cable Band and hopefully even some of his famous imaginary friends like Triumph the Insult Comic Dog (seriously, if Triumph doesn't come to Dallas, the DPD might want to think about putting their SWAT teams on riot duty).

That means he'll also be bringing his staff of writers to DFW to help knock out four hour-long shows for TBS. The Dallas Comedy House announced earlier today on their blog that six of Conan's regular writers will perform a live comedy show on their Deep Ellum stage at 8:30 pm. Tuesday, April 1.

DCH founder and overlord Amanda Austin said that as of Friday, the show will include six Conan writers and stand-up comedians. Right now, it's just a stand-up showcase but she noted that it's pretty much an open stage and they can do whatever they want with their time.

"I told them that the show will go until you guys are done," Austin said. "It's your show."

The writers who are confirmed for the Tuesday showcase include:

Josh Comers, a staff writer who worked on the TBS show since 2010 and also wrote for The Comedy Central Roasts of David Hasselhoff, Charlie Sheen and James Franco.

Rob Kutner, an author and late-night writer who worked on The Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien and Conan as well as Dennis Miller Live and The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.

Laurie Kilmartin, a Conan writer who started as a stand-up competing in the seventh season of NBC's Last Comic Standing and later went to write for shows such as The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson and Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn

Brian Kiley, a staff writer who has worked for O'Brien since 1994 and is Conan's head monologue writer.

Andres duBochet, a staff writer who worked on all three of O'Brien's shows as well as the short-lived Fox late night show Talkshow with Spike Feresten and recently voiced Sazarec the magician for an episode of the animated sitcom Bob's Burgers.

Dan Cronin, a stand-up and longtime Conan writer who also wrote for Late Night and The Tonight Show.

Austin said she invited the writers to bring more performers and writers from the show for their showcase and before you ask, she neither confirmed or denied if certain famous faces might also make an appearance at the theater.

"I have no clue," when pressed about the attendance of a certain late night talk show host, his sidekick or one of his more famous puppets might also be at the theater. "I just told them whoever you'd like to bring from the Conan show, you're welcome to bring with you."