Five Places You Can Still Play Arcade Games in Dallas. HADOUKEN!

Arcades, guys. They ain't what they used to be. Now that every young whippersnapper has one of them newfangled game consoles in their bedroom, why would they ever leave the room and venture into a poorly lit room full of bleeping noises, armed only with every quarter they could find in the couch and knowledge of the maneuver necessary to do a fireball with Ken or Ryu in Streetfighter II? Down, forward and down, forward, punch, a combination that I still try and do in Soul Calibur IV to no appreciable end whatsoever, despite my cries of "HADOUKEN!"

Nevertheless, there are some places in Dallas you can visit to recall the good old days when you weren't doing some weird form of advanced gambling for tickets using indecipherable monetary units, and any minor who could memorize the button combo for a Mortal Kombat fatality was immediately promoted to "king of all children."

So. Here they are.