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Scrooge Your Way Into DTC's A Christmas Carol. Tonight is Pay-What-You-Can.

There's no shortage of options in how to experience the Dickens classic, A Christmas Carol, this holiday season. What's important is that your protagonist fall from grace, learn empathy and -- this is a deal breaker -- discover the True Meaning of Christmas Through Ghostly Hallucinations.

Dallas Theater Center does it reliably right, by doling out a classic Scrooge with a full chorus cast, set in a traditional time period. So if you want grandeur, unmatchable musicianship and a thrilling set, you'll snag a seat for its production of A Christmas Carol (running through December 23).

This evening (Tuesday, November 20th), you can do that while channeling your inner Scrooge at Pay-What-You-Can-Night. That's right. Give a little donation, preferably folding bills (but I'm not judging), and get your first dose of holiday cheer now. Then ride that feel-good wave through the family drama, the cooking disasters and the messy Thanksgiving clean-up, knowing that you saw tremendous theater for a widow's mite.

The majority of tickets sold-out for the performance as soon as news was announced online, but DTC is running on pure holiday spirit so they've reserved a selection of tickets that are being held at the Kalita Box Office. Those will be released an hour before the show. Pretend you live in New York and you're hustling for those cheap Broadway stand-by's: hoof it to the box office EARLY. Showtime is 7:30 p.m., and the ticket window lifts at 6:30. Good luck.