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Support the Exhausted: It's Judgement Night at the 24-Hour Film Fest

To the tired, the weary, the overly-energy-drink-indulged participants of the 24-Hour Video Race: We salute you. The annual competition concluded last week and gave a few parameters: a phrase, a theme, a prop and location for all participants to include in their films. After that, they had 24 fleeting hours to produce, edit and return with a short work incorporating those topics.

Tonight, there will be judgement. Join your cinematically creative neighbors at the Angelica from 6 to 10 p.m. and see what they've put together as 24-Hour Video Race screens this year's submission finalists. A crew of judges will determine who outshone the rest. You'll eat popcorn and praise the slumber gods that you opted for a peaceful night of rest and left all of the heavy camera lifting to these guys. Tickets are only $5, which is nuttin' for a peak at our city's brightest and most intrepid feats of spontaneous filmmaking.