Comedy Crawl With Paul Varghese and the Dallas Observer Through Deep Ellum Thursday, July 10

Paul Varghese, one of the funniest men in Dallas, has organized another Dallas Observer Comedy Crawl. After last fall's inaugural crawl was hilariously successful, we couldn't even wait a year to bring back more laughs.

If you're sick of listening to your friend's jokes at a bar, but still want to spend your Thursday night drinking your way through Deep Ellum, all you have to do is show up at 8 p.m. July 10 at Three Links and follow the tour to Twilite Lounge and then Green Room.

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If you want to break it down, the formula for this event is simple: Drink, laugh, drink, laugh, walk to next bar, repeat. The comedy sets are free and curated by Varghese, who invited Aaron Aranyanpur and Jason James.

There is a little bit more information on this event page where you can also RSVP and invite 10 of your closest Facebook pals. Got questions? Leave 'em in the comments and cross your fingers Varghese answers them.