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His Second Night in Dallas, Conan Wore Lipstick and Seth Rogen Fawned Over Zac Efron

Monday night Conan O'Brien played with guns; Tuesday night Conan put on lipstick. Clearly the man is taking a sincere interest in Dallas. He's really doing some research. Last night he joked that during a visit to a strip club he met all of the Dallas Cowboys. I have quite a few friends who can vouch for the accuracy of that joke. Later in the episode he experienced first hand the pressure to be beautiful that Dallas women face.

In the funniest sketch so far this week, Conan visited the Mary Kay headquarters to primp for a position as a beauty consultant. He asks his pink Escalade-driving guide to rate his skin. On a scale of 1-10? She gives him a five. Ouch.

Conan's guest for the evening was Seth Rogen, fresh off filming Neighbors with Zac Efron. The topic of the film quickly led to a discussion of Efron's abs, which Rogen admits are impossibly sexy.